What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants without soil. By carefully controlling the amount of nutrient rich water, oxygen and light a plant receives.

Why grow with hydroponics?

Not only is it totally cool! But because we control the growing environment, and no soils are used, there will be no weeds to pull. No soil-borne pests, and diseases are less likely or eliminated altogether. Plants require less room for growing because the roots don't have to stretch out in search of food and water. So we can grow more in smaller areas. A plants growing cycle can be greatly reduced and produce is generally larger, better tasting and producing a higher yield. Also, if grown indoors, we can enjoy fruits, vegetables and herbs all year long. Right in our own homes. Hydroponics is healthier for us and for our environment. It's educational and benefits our eco system. Because it is all natural, there are no harsh chemicals or pesticides used. If one finds the need for a pesticide we use natural products like neem oils or pepper sprays. With the use of inexpensive timers, we can go away for long periods of time and not worry about watering or tending to our plants. And now, with the help of science and some creative thinking, manufacturers have developed ingenious and inexpensive ways of bringing hydroponics into our homes via windowsills, spare rooms, corners, garages and mini greenhouses just to name a few. That means fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs all year round. Or how about a rose vine blooming in the middle of winter right in your bay window. Its all being done thanks to hydroponics.

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